The City Council just loves to build and build and build. We need to throw out these guys.

My home city, Pasadena CA, recently dropped the Metro bike program. They were spending $100,000 per MONTH! Much more then they made from it. And since Pasadena is having money problems, they couldn't keep it up. And since Flagstaff is having their own money problems, it probably won't las…

None of the candidates sound good just based upon where they previously worked. All liberal towns who want the High density.

What does a City Manager do? Sounds like something the Mayor should be doing?

What happened?

Please Mr Babbet, please run as her replacement.

The City is going way to far. They need to be stopped.

1. We are a Republic not a democracy 2. the electoral college is there to fight the tyranny of the majority


The earth is nearly 4 billion years old and you are using the last 120 years in these models and you expect correct predictions - no wonder a lot of people put no faith in these models.

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