I sincerely hope all developers of student-priority housing take pause and re-consider high-density development plans. I wish it were a Flag City ordinance that housing is not allowed to discriminate based on student enrollment status, since that would also prevent landlords from posting &qu…

Mr. Duval, there is absolutely nothing about a courthouse that enhances a downtown area. It just occupies prime commercial or residential space with something that could be much further from prime real estate. Not only does that make the whole building more expensive, obviously, but parking …

This is a great example of when asking for consultant analysis is a waste of taxpayer money, when a solution can be derived from common sense and critical thinking. Not every council decision requires an expensive study, so quit wasting time, resources, and energy on these stupid studies! Th…

Is it really a good idea for the courthouse to be downtown? Or better said, isn’t it a better idea for the courthouse to be somewhere other than in the most expensive, congested and parking-regulated portion of our town?

Updog commented on FLG is being PHX'd

Kill the messenger much?

Great perspective and very good editorial! Let us hope that future presidents ignore the precedences of the Trump administration.

...and the cost of living in Flagstaff just got higher. For no good reason except to make residents of downtown happier. Such a false priority.

The title of this article, should have been, "Despite Flagstaff Surplus, City Council still says it's not enough, and confusing options abound." Why add the minimum wage into the headline? Want to know what's costly? Living in Flagstaff.

Lucky no little kid was shot in the chest.

Holsters would help. So would a genuine safety that's not just a fancy trigger.

Alcohol, tobacco and firearms = our nation's favorite deadly vices.

Want to know why this program is destined for failure? Because it's in FLAGSTAFF, a town where ALL your drinking options and friends are within walking distance. Also, giving people nothing more to do than attend TGC painting classes and case management instead of real therapy and community …

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