True Dat

How about keep the buffalo, get rid of Nelson. He's looking for an expensive solution to a problem that does not exist. Our tax dollars can be better spent.

The people have spoken. The Schultz iconic site is on the City's logo. DO NOT BUILD ON IT!!!!

Maybe it's a hostile work enviroment issue. If Goodrich can't handle the job maybe she should be replaced. Don't raise our taxes again.

Timberline Firearms & Training

It's a combination of minimum wage increasing the menu prices and parking and sales tax increase. Sales tax on prepared foods is over 11% now which is one of the highest in the country. It's only going to get worse.

Nice of her to return it. The guy should be more careful.

Vote Yes on 418. I would like a penthouse in Manhattan but I can’t afford it. That’s why I don’t live there. No one is forced to live here.

Basically the Prop says, “Give us your hard-earned money and we’ll figure out how to spend it.” Poorly written piece of garbage.

This is totally one-sided. You only mentioned where the money is coming from for the Yes on 418. The No on 418 money is almost all coming from outside Flagstaff (New York). Why do Amy Poehler and Lily Tomlin care about Flagstaff? Vote YES on 418.

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