Steven E

Thanks to the Mayor of Williams (Moore), the place fits right in and is in keeping with the Williams theme of a wild west mountain town... Thanks Mayor Moore! Looks great!!!

Flagstaff, a city where you can use your rent money to do drugs , get mad at landlord for wanting his money, stab him in the heart and then beg for mercy to get a light sentence. Womble will be out in 9 years on good behavior. Pretty good for murder.

Why do LIBS have to lie about everything? "bipartisan" she says. There are 34 in support of the HR - 33 Dems and 1 lone "republican." Get a grip please. A tax on carbon is not going to pass this Senate nor get signed by the President. Another proposal to ruin our economy.

LIBS sure like to write dumb letters.

Let them stay at your house Emily.

This "article" is so filled with falsehoods I don't know where to begin. And, of course, the daily rag known as the Sun continues to print this garbage.

It's amazing how the Flagstaff Council is influenced/persuaded by front groups funded by mysterious "actors" to pass legislation that is harmful to the actual citizens of the community. And the sad part is the rank and file citizenry just sit there and take it. We'll see how the …

I think that your medical insurance will cover your Trump Derangement Syndrome. I recommend you seek treatment soon so you can be cured before Trump wins 2020 in a landslide.

The "big Lie" is this stupid article. No one should be crossing our borders illegally period. Obviously, the geniuses who wrote the article have never been in the Southwest where they can see first hand the open flow across the border. Or maybe they should just drive around Cali…

She should be fired for being stupid enough to date someone who would completely violate her trust. The girl's father should go old school on the "boyfriend" and explain how men are supposed to act...

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