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Thank you, Ann. Those poor people, outed and desperate, have been thumped hard. I agree that it is time for Speaker Pelosi to lead her coalition and the American people back to the light.
Please keep up the good writing.

Thanks, Harriet. Isn't it ironic that so many of the benefits fought for by progressives can be under attack by those who enjoy those benefits. Benighted.

Very good, Bryan. Our city is enlightened, our county is benighted. It is no wonder that the children who can learn too often have to leave Flagstaff to do better. I have a grandson in Phoenix using CC as his stepping stone. They believe in education, I guess.

How about we split AZ. Cast out Phoenix (let them join up with Alabama), unite Flagstaff with Tucson in New Arizona.

Napolean the Pig has escaped and is trying to climb the dandy tails of Uncle Sam’s waistcoat, but is stuck on the vest buttons, shouting “I am king of the world”. We should call him George and intervene.

smivicus commented on Ducey plan doesn't add up

Very well said. I'm amazed how the GOP continues to consider the people of AZ as gullible enough to continue their programmatic thefts for the benefit of the wealthiest. These education movements are powerful because they elevate that most basic of American values: the common good.

smivicus commented on Gun management plan brilliant

Do you slam your head into a wall every time your nose itches? Bryan's letter was a point for discussion, one that will be had. Lower your barrel long enough to listen, please.

smivicus commented on A base plan for gun management

Bryan, this surely seems like a valid place to anchor some civil, reasonable public discussion, about guns and the Constitutional. Thanks. Vic Smith

Thanks for seeing the light.

It's not "moral superiority". It is simply common sense: malfeasance puts us all in danger. The WH doesn't care about our safety, just their rampant egos and their profiteering.

Another authoritarian kleptocrat wannabe, another narcissist on the public dole.

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