These comments are all from young progressive Democrats.

So refreshing to see common sense and the rule of law actually prevail.

"Should he be elected, Bates said his priorities would be continuing to improve road maintenance and broadband service to the county, the creation of a long term, city involved water and flood plan..." This statement shows how out of touch he is. Why would anyone want to get the…

Of course nobody took the job. The Council has already run off one City Manager and then Councilman Aslan shamefully berated the acting City Manager for simply doing her job. Who in their right mind would want to take this kind of abuse?

What an incredibly asinine argument. This dude needs to hit the road and take his brand of crazy elsewhere. I will oppose any efforts to change this parks name.

I support our Sheriff. Thank you for capturing these criminals and working hand in hand with our Federal LEO.

I have to concur with many of the above comments. I no longer visit downtown for lunch/dinner, or quick shopping excursions. My money is being spent elsewhere.

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