You have to be kidding me! My first thought is thank goodness you aren't a teacher. To teach you need compassion, empathy and the ability to connect with people, uplift them and set a good example. It's pretty obvious that you are incapable of any of these things. You must be a miserabl…

SadabtFLG commented on Flagstaff's Famous Faces

I don't think polygamist reality TV personalities in Flagstaff is anything to brag about.

Although I wasn't witness to Aslan's tone, I agree with his anger and frustration. If this land was purchased as a future water source, who does the city manager think she is to make such a deal without any input from the community or the council? I agree with Aslan and applaud him for his…

Amen - and sorry to tell you that Facebook shut down the FLG>NAU page. Probably due to complaints from ABOR. So glad to see the message lives on.

Maybe Dr. Cheng should give back some of her bonuses since this huge blunder happened on her watch. Expecting NAU to continue to grow eternally is not sustainable. Recruiting in California is always going to present a retention problem because they come here as freshmen and leave after one…

It would be smart for Dr. Cheng to do the same. Constant turnover may provide her with salary savings, but it's driving the most knowledgeable and dedicated to abandon ship. And her continued bonuses are a slap in the face to those who made her successes possible.

It's a shame the adults at the county didn't understand the "importance of water and how to conserve it" when they approved snowmaking with our precious resource at Fort Tuthill.

It would be nice if the gas stations and other places profiting by selling cheap plastic sleds, contributed to the cleanup.

Amen! There used to be a balance between locals, tourists, and students and NAU has completely upset the balance with its unbridled growth. Many of us have chosen to make huge financial sacrifices to live in Flagstaff for the quality of life it offered. I'm sad to say that those sacrifice…

I'd much rather see student housing in a location like this than the monstrosity on West Rt. 66 or the Hub. Both are total eye sores and will cause more traffic nightmares as students move in and out and make their way to campus daily.

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