I'd like to see more than just her travel being audited. How about a foundation audit to figure out how money that's being donated to the university is being used. I'm sure many people might change their minds about giving if there's a general fund set up for Rita's personal expenses. Wha…

And yet if you'd like to look up what Tom makes using the online budget on the University's budget page, ( you won't find it because the previously available salary data has been removed. This information is supposed to be publicly available. What do the…

I would happily bypass the new DMV and courthouse for the charming mountain town it used to be. Since you're "now from around here" and seem a bit defensive, I'm assuming you weren't here to know how wonderful it was before. I t used to be a far more civil place to live.

I agree. The worst of it has come in just the last 5 years or so with the high rise student housing. Thanks, Rita, ABOR and city planning and zoning. You have completely destroyed the town that we adored. It's like watching the love of your life succumb to cancer.

I agree wholeheartedly that every environmental problem comes back to overpopulation. The majority of the comments here prove the point that it's a taboo subject because rather than having a thoughtful conversation about the issue, people like komondor responds by basically telling you to…

Yet another example of NAU expecting the community to provide for their student's unmet needs.

I wonder which one of these mansions belongs to Dr. Rita Cha-chang Cha-chang who's getting rich while destroying the mountain town that we loved. This kind of conspicuous consumption makes me sick! This is not news!

You've obviously been driving in Flagstaff. You forgot about solid white lines meaning change lanes without signaling or even looking and right turns are fine on red as long as you don't pause before turning.

Really????? The way I read it, our fire is the top concern and I'm very grateful for that. Although I don't generally go around looking for things to be outraged about.


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