Evans said we could pass a bond or raise a tax of some kind. Sure, that will help make Flagstaff more affordable! The Liberal Democrats just don’t get it.

When ever I read a story mentioning The Center for Biological Diversity, I realize it will be fake news as they have no credibility among scientists. If one would do research on the group one would see they are made up of folks with little or no professional training or experience on the is…

Frank, the Flagstaff City leaders could care less about the facts and truth as long as it does not fit into their liberal agenda. They continue to waste time and city taxpayer money on frivolous ideas and issues that simply are not true. That is why Trump was elected and will be again in 2…

The 10 day sentence the liberal judge gave him is a really good deterrent.

The only way another recession will occur is if a democrat is elected in 2020 as president.

"Jowell’s not a menace. He’s an acting member of society" Um, NO. Active members of society do not shoot at police. The world will be better off with him locked up for the next 14 years.

The biggest problem he will face is the business killing 11 percent food and bev tax we have.

Good luck Oregon. Rent control has never worked. Just ask San Francisco how well it has been for them.

Ringokid commented on Not moving Flagstaff forward

If you cannot afford to live in Flagstaff, move somewhere you can afford. No one owes you anything.

Perhaps someone can ask him about the sexual assault settlement he paid out with taxpayer money a while back. Oops, we don’t want to talk about that!