Frankly if the location is operating under the required staffing levels, I don't have a problem if it closes. It's already operating inefficiently.
I don't know why every is concerned about the dispatcher knowing the addresses and stuff. I'm more worried about whether the DPS officers t…

Theres a market for the service or product. A business comes along and meets that demand.
It's capitalism at work.

Nothing wrong with Dutch Bros being popular, or with people buying it. Hardly a "low" for the human race.

Maybe if they served the drinks that Dutch Bros does they would get the business. Obviously with 1000 cars a day waiting to get drinks theres a market.

Besides that, Late for the Train is gross.

One million dollars for a little bridge in a park? Because of floodplain regulation?

If that doesn't go to show why the cost of living in Flagstaff is so high, I don't know what will.

Sounds great at first, but then you would just end up with people being in there for a lifetime. Term limits would be a must if districting went into effect.

Southside and sunnyside run this city. Everything is catered to whatever they want. Meanwhile traffic is backed up for miles, c…

Shouldn't the city have addressed this years ago? Its not a new issue.

What happened to all the talk about Rio De Flag flood control from a few years ago?

Teach em to run out there and cry foul over every little thing that they don't agree with.
A genius plan. Only reason democrats push programs like this is so they can build their voter base.

Move out, borrow a little money, get a new trailer. Not a bad trade off, most of those trailers are ancient anyway. Frankly I think the vast majority of residents will be happy and experience an improved quality of life. The only ones complaining will be the ones that don't realize progress …

Cost of living is out of control in flagstaff. Need more places for students to live, will help reduce the rising rent. I'm all for this.

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