What happened to the guy who faked the "nazi" attack on his own downtown business a couple years ago?

In some parts of the world people commute to work. A 3 minute walk to work isn't the standard in most places. People have cars. They get in them and drive from where they live to where they work. And by the way, many Flagstaff "natives" belong to the tribe that put people on the…

Opinionator commented on Calling for a snowplay solution

Boot and tow the vehicles. Issue tickets that must be paid before the vehicles are released. I don't know for sure, but the deputies responding to traffic problems on 180 must just say, "Um hey guys would you please not park here? Sorry to bother you. Ok, thanks". Citizens are …

College is a bad business decision for most students.

Opinionator commented on Forests trashed by users and abusers

Flagstaff is sucking pretty bad for residents lately so we should at least try to get some entertainment out of the situation. I would suggest someone put a camera at the hill near the intersection of Forest and Ft. Valley and we can watch the tourist slide down backward after a snowstorm. …

Opinionator commented on Fix outdated voting rules

Three exclamation points in six sentences!

That why I always put on a flotation device/life vest before I start drinking. (Kidding) Sad situation really, RIP.

How about people who need affordable housing move to where the affordable housing is already available? Look on Zillow, there are thousands of homes in the U.S. under $100,000. It's too crowded here already (traffic), we don't need to encourage people to move here who can't afford it and t…

The people who leave these broken sleds in the forest, along with their other trash, know that it's wrong and illegal. They just don't care about the forest, Flagstaff or it's residents. Giving them the benefit of the doubt is naive and it's enabling their unethical behavior. Maybe a tras…

"Faculty and President Cheng butt heads"
I agree.

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