Sounds like Socialism.

Please! Do some research before formulating an opinion. Every one of these projects is surveyed by local engineers, designed by local firms, built by local labor with much of the materials sourced as locally as possible, then managed and maintains by locals.

I think you missed the part about strength and conditioning, sports medicine facilities, a nutrition station, oxygen-related altitude training and recovery, a team lounge and coaching offices. Seems more about attracting athletes with better facilities. Not just building a stadium for fans.

You know people have to *work* in a resort town, too? I'm talking gas stations, fast food, hospitality, grocery stores, etc etc. How do you expect a city to function without providing housing that is affordable for it's work force? And yeah, everyone is familiar with the "Don't PHX FL…

If you can't make it to a kiosk, just pull out your phone. The "Woosh" app is extremely user-friendly and will notify you when your time is running up to avoid any tickets.
Parking is also free ~2 blocks form downtown. There's really nothing to complain about here.

Their neighbor will be Whole Foods, owned by Amazon, also willing to do whatever to make a buck.

Shining might be right about the 4br apartments, but the mayor thinks rezoning an industrial site that hasn’t been used for decades is a threat to jobs? Projects like this create jobs. The buildings don’t manufacture materials, build, maintain, and run themselves.

This is a win for the city. It's more housing for an unbalanced market in place of a rusting, falling apart industrial building in an urban environment. Anyone who says that's a bad thing needs to snap out of their NIMBY bubble and wake up.

"Urban Sprawl"? This is already an urban location, and a dilapidated warehouse at that. I suppose you'd have a better idea of what is happening and where if you actually went to the public meeting.

To throw a counterpoint out there regarding your second argument, that area was also not originally zoned for residential use. There had to be a rezoning process for that land to be subdivided and zoned for housing. You can't use zoning as an argument when you're in favor of rezoning when i…

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