Peacefully?? It is very rare when I have been asked for money that it is peaceful. Most of the time they become aggressive and raise their voice. I have been called racist because I would not give them money

The very same water used at Snow bowl is and has been used to water the parks our children play in!! Its on the play equipment and on the ground. @AHOEL you are right!!

Soooo glad I left Flagstaff!!!!! This is NOT a safe place as all of you think....The Police blog is not accurate, a lot more goes on than you think or want to believe. This is only the beginning of the large gang problem Flagstaff has

Awwwww if you did your job as you said an increase might be feasible, as for not making enough? Talk to that Police Officer or Fire Fighter who hasn't had a raise in more than 5 years who has lost their home or vehicles because the cost of living goes up and the pay stays, then ask for a ra…

Most are not booked because IF and thats a big if in Flag, the first DUI is time served and not 24 hrs. Usually if they are booked its only a couple of hours before they are released. Most DUI's (1st) are a plea to reckless driving! Welcome to Flagstaff

Nothing to look forward to huh, then dont go to school, you are underage and breaking the law student or not.....Police have better things to do but have to uphold the law as well....grow up you are an adult and can party in your own town right? Or would your parents not approve

If he was deported he would be back in Flagstaff within hours. This is unfortunate we have to pay for his crime. Obviously like the majority the laws in America do not pertain to them. Justice served Kyle was an awesome kid!!!!!!!!!!!!

new2flag commented on Police: Arrested driver defiant

I have also seen many Extreme DUI's go to wreckless or nothing!!!! I guess not upsetting the citizens of Flagstaff is more important......

Huh another wrecless drunk driver in Flagstaff...go figure. From the middle what should she get? Let me guess The DUI down to wreckless driving and the other charges dropped after all she didnt hurt anybody. Did you read the story she had a 2 yo and an 11 yo in the car.....

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