I bet the home owners are smarter than Mr Keegan thinks they are.

It truly is a sad state of affairs. I am a Clinton supporter but I am not proud of it. Trump is just not stable enough to be president. I truly don't know if he is a liberal or conservative. A person who stands on both sides of an issue has no moral anchor. We saw how that worked in the la…

The argument that the mean ole government makes me buy insurance is something they have done for the last fifty years. The government has been making us buy insurance for years. Try driving your car without insurance. Not only will you be fined but could end up in jail. Quit paying your insu…

The medieval thinking that there are absolutes went out with the divine right of kings and fuedilism. Our moral base is just as good now as it was then. We live in the world now not some world that may of not exisited in some past time frame. I can still hear my grandmother of sixty years ag…

I don't understand how a person can take money from the government then find fault when other people do the same thing. When we take money from the government that is a form of socialism. It does not take our freedoms away and in fact give us freedom. How can we hate the very thing that sustains us?

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