Just when you think he's completely gone, he comes crawling out from under his rock. I suppose more of his kind will be coming out of the woodwork soon.

Unless you're on death row, you shouldn't have to die while incarcerated, especially if you're young and in jail (not prison) for relatively minor offenses. Regardless of how you feel about inmates, they're not there to be "disposed of".

And die for relatively minor offenses? Sure, he made some bad choices: who hasn't? Everyone deserves a chance to get their lives together. If they blow it, then fine, lock'em up.

While you're at it, why not just pave over the whole mesa? Add some doctor's offices, another medical facility or two, a drug store, maybe even some more "affordable" housing? We could rename it Deer Park, and put up a bronze-ish statue to represent the deer that used to roam there.

Dang, man, what'd that poor buffalo ever do to you?

I don't normally agree with McSally, but she's right that the Forest Service needs to get back to forest management and not cost management. Let's remember the real reason behind forest thinning.

Hurrah to CCSO for ticketing violators. DPS and FPD need to follow suit. A slap on the wrist is not enforcement: a whack to the wallet is.

I'm surprised Pine Canyon residents are going to allow high density student housing right next to their "kingdom".

Morales should be detained simply by the fact that he didn't pay his court ordered fine for DUI. The courts gave him a chance to fix his error, and he messed up (again).

"Putzova said her decision to run is simply a way to provide good representation for residents of CD 1." We already have good representation. We don't need your "help".

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