Apparently the ADS proof reader already retired ...

"Smith gathered up the pasted-up pages, boarded a piper cup (???) airplane and flew to Prescott."

Anyway, happy retirement, Bill.

My fridge magnet says "Beer will save the world". How true is that?

So he threw a cigarette out while watching a fire??!! I know we're not supposed to "make an example" out of this guy, but can the courts please overlook that this time and hand him the harshest penalty possible? Then, make sure that penalty is blared out through all media as a warning to …

So the fire is north of town, and now the command post is south of town? Are they going to have to wade through Milton traffic to get to the site? Seems like there could have been a closer option.

And a free subscription to the AZ Daily Sun? Or maybe just the digital version, so he can read ludicrous comments like this.

As usual, the actions of the irresponsible few ruin it for everyone. On Sundays my wife and I load up the dog, hit the market, then go for a hike on Observatory Mesa. Since we don't want to leave the dog in the car, we'll probably just skip the market. Smooth move, guys.

Either the ADOT planners have absolutely no plans for this extended weekend, or else made plans long ago, are far removed from this mess, and simply don't care. I know the work needs to be done, but the timing is really stupid.

Just when you think he's completely gone, he comes crawling out from under his rock. I suppose more of his kind will be coming out of the woodwork soon.

Unless you're on death row, you shouldn't have to die while incarcerated, especially if you're young and in jail (not prison) for relatively minor offenses. Regardless of how you feel about inmates, they're not there to be "disposed of".

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