The gloves are off. Look forward to DOJ investigations of the origin of Mueller probe. Enough is enough.

Hopefully the court will decide to curtail it activists tendencies of last 70 years and return to following the constitution the way it is written instead or substituting its policy judgments for those of the elected branches. Congress needs to do it’s job and write more specific statutes. …

I could support this even if proposed by Grivalja as long as it include some environmental litigation reform and repeal of the 1906 Antiquities Act

A waste of taxpayer money. But great virtue signaling.[scared]

Good old AP. “Rosenstein and Barr concluded that Trump did not obstruct justice.”. Yes and Mueller said their was NO evidence of collusion between the Trump Campaign, The Trump Administration or the President.

Was this the same Avenatti who was lauded recently by Democrats and whispered about as a possible Democrat candidate for President? Well on second thought he’d be perfect as a Democrat candidate.

Climate change is the latest crisis conjured up by leftist to justify more control over our lives and increasing the size of government. The climate has always changed. Flagstaff was once under the ocean (the sedimentary layers in our soils and the sea shells embedded in rocks at Walnut Ca…

Well said. Trump 2020!

The Senate was created to represent the states not the people. Recall the states established to federal government, not the other way around. As for DC, the territory was carved out from Virginia and Maryland (mostly the latter), with the promise that it would not have Congressional represe…

So let me make sure I Understand. A team of Lawyers and FBI agents from the Department of Justice, most of whom were more hostile to President Trump,than you are, spent 2 years and $30 million dollars with unlimited time and money at their disposal found “no evidence of collusion” between th…

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