Last time I checked, if rented by the room, city code requires a parking space for each resident. Want to bet this requirement will be sidestepped?

McCabeP commented on Walmart Supercenter reopens

Give thanks and praises to the most high. As a senior on Social Security, I depend on, and love Walmart because they truly are committed to keeping prices low. I wonder if the suspect Cody Yazzie gave a thought to people like me. Or our Native American neighbors who come into town once a …

Good. I hope the engineer was one of those jerks who pulls the train's horn in the middle of the night while going through Flagstaff, laughing at the city's ordinance against doing so.

C'mon. Did anyone ride after John Hawks? Did Sheriff Donahue ever apprehend him? Surely, there must have been an obituary for Cecilio Silva in a subsequent issue of the Daily Sun. Are you going to leave us hanging after 125 years?

Reporter Adrian Skabelund writes: "Despite this, Landmark Properties does not have, and has not applied for, a conditional use permit from the city. Such permits are required by the city before developers are technically allowed to rent out individual rooms."

Having some …

Could you please share details of how the County traps mosquitoes? A simple way to do this would be worthy of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Of course the County could refuse to accept the medal until the pestilential Trump is out of office.

Ron Kelley is a good egg. He's actually co-authored or edited a couple of books. I'm surprised the Sun didn't give him a plug though the books are rather expensive. Amazon links here:…

Will people be allowed to smoke e-cigarettes on their e-bikes?

All thanks and praises to the dentists who participated. At the risk of slighting the assistants and other support staff who helped, perhaps the Sun could print a list of the local participating dentists. Too bad the imbecilic and repugnant Paul Gosar had to somewhat spoil the great work …

Wouldn't a corpse cutting ceremony have been more appropriate?

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