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Aspen changing colors along the Kachina trail.


The last gasp of the ferns before they succumb to the winter season.


Aspen changing colors along the Kachina trail.


Aspen changing colors along the Kachina trail.

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Whatever happened to global warming?

Matthew Quigley commented on What Justin Amash can teach Nancy Pelosi

Justin Amash has chosen to disparage the President in order to help protect his family’s personal financial interest. Amash is angry about the tariffs and the impact they are having upon his family’s business. Come on Daily Sun, if you’re going to print articles from outside sources at least…

The most tragic maternal death rate of all, is the one that's purposeful and cruel. The 57 million babies that have been put to death since Roe V Wade became the law of the land. A shameful disgrace on our country.

Giving incarcerated criminals the right to vote is just another completely misguided liberal scam. The libs are constantly looking to exploit democrat leaning voting blocks. They’ve imported millions of illegals with the intention of allowing them to vote. Then they decided it would be a gre…

The article provides the readers with a look at the same old tired democrat platform that's in store for the 2020 campaign. Booker's incremental steps toward gun confiscation, disguised as "common sense" gun control along with the usual, "tax the rich" plan that takes mon…

Matthew Quigley commented on US needs to plan for climate refugees

Emily, take a deep breath and try to relax. Stop allowing fear and emotion to supersede reason and logic. Even the most simple-minded among us understand that the earth’s climate is in a continuous cycle of change – that the planet has no normal temperature. There's no doubt that the climate…

How could someone who’s a doctor, be so far removed from political reality?

To the letter writer: After 2 years, 19 leftist lawyers, over 40 FBI agents and 25 million dollars, the Mueller investigation found no collusion, and no obstruction. Trust me, Goulden if Mueller could have charged President Trump with a crime, he would have. Accept it and get on with your life. Libs

I enjoy exposing the folly of climate alarmists. The 93 trillion dollar “Green New Disaster” includes the closure of all of our nation’s coal-fired power plants. The EU has 468, building 27 more. Total 495. Turkey has 56, building 93 more. Total 149. South Africa has 79, building 24 more. To…

When I was in elementary school, if I found some dried up seaweed in my lunch box, it would have quickly found it's way to the trash can. Don't waste your money.

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