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Aspen changing colors along the Kachina trail.


The last gasp of the ferns before they succumb to the winter season.


Aspen changing colors along the Kachina trail.


Aspen changing colors along the Kachina trail.

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I quote the letter writer: “I trust the Affordable Care Act and politicians like Congressman Tom O'Halleran, who adamantly supports it.”

Trust? “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Americans will save an average of $2500.…

Anyone who’s lived in Flagstaff for at least 35 years understands the history of local forest management. Southwest Forest Industries operated a sawmill where the County jail is now located. Thinning was accomplished via responsible timber sales. No clear-cutting ever occurred. Then came …

We'll see who's desperate when November of 2020 rolls around.

Navajo Nation, student proficiency scores in math and reading are some of the lowest in the nation. The statistic should have been a primary factor in the task of selecting a school Superintendant. Obviously, it wasn't. Predictably, the libs revert to their tired mantra of "more money for…

Nonsense, pulling America out of the Paris agreement was one of Trump's campaign promises. “Promises made – promises kept.” It’s just one of the reasons millions of Americans voted for him. He’s one of the few American Presidents who is actually keeping his promises to the American people…

Be careful, McCraken. Your harsh words almost hurt my feelings.

Pelosi and the Democrats don't want a real "impeachment process" because the Republicans could subpoena documents and call witnesses. The farce would become apparent. That’s the last thing they want. The unhinged Left w…

Where's the rest of the story? The only reason the democrats are pushing their phony impeachment hoax is that they can't defeat him this coming November. I'd love to see the look on the writer's face when Trump wins in a landslide. Life is good. Life is very good!

Unfortunately, the closure will provide a painful illustration of what happens when a large coal-fired power plant is closed, with no viable energy source to replace it. Solar panels and wind turbines are not a viable replacement for the Navajo generating station. The world’s largest sola…

Beto is out, AR-15's are in. Attacking the 2nd Amendment is never a good idea. Kamala and Biden are both on the way out. The dems are determined to diminish their chances in 2020 by continuing down the bogus impeachment sham. 2020 is going to be a great year for the Republicans.

Nothing better to do than cry about Halloween costumes. What a bunch of hypersensitive college snipes. Get over yourselves. Just go out and have fun on Halloween. Libs.

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