Mary Sojourner

No. "Gibson’s motivation, other than an entrepreneur’s quest for a healthy bottom line, is to promote a “beautiful experience” for loved ones." Thanks, Sam, for making it clear what Gibson's real motivation is. I'd love to see an article on the Tribes' responses to this.

He didn't rob Flagstaff. He robbed a giant corporation that gets rich and mega-richer from selling junk food to its "neighbors".

Somebody should have told the Forest Service (4FRI) here before they darn near clear cut the forest along Old Munds Highway. They had big trees cut and swaths of forest with far many fewer trees than are mandated in forest initiative plans.

And, the elk love this story. Thank you for sparing us.

"I once witnessed a mountain biker take a ghastly spill, body-over-handlebars, when the boulder was rude enough to impede his speedy descent." You go, Boulder.

Ah yes, the greed of the owners and manager of Snowbowl continues. And, what does this mean: "People are having a hard time getting on or having a hard time getting off. With this new tech the chair slows down so much, like the Grand Canyon, that it's almost crawling," Murray said. "You m…

"Zombies will rise again this week in Flagstaff to celebrate both Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos." Dia de Los Muertos has NOTHING to do with zombies. Zombies are a commercial cultural invention. Dia de Los Muertos is a holy day. Do your research. In your efforts to be inclusive, you hav…

You left out Snowbowl, which has disturbed the deities of thirteen Native American Tribes; and downtown Flagstaff, which, thanks to NAU dorms and out-of-town developers, is a mere ghost of the town it once was.

Uh, Joe, how do you figure it's the "Liberals" and "intelligentsia" who are responsible for the cancerous development of Flagstaff.? Last I knew, it was gung-ho-business Jerry Nabours and his minions who rammed this stuff through. By the way - all of you who are so upset about what has be…

Yee ha - and ow there will be a six-story dorm in downtown Flagstaff. Run away run away. If you are an old-timer, run away.

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