Mary Sojourner

Ugly ugly ugly. The Republicans would punish Flagstaff for honoring its workers - and the Repubs would condemn women to injury, illness and death.

Shame on you for shaming his grieving brother and family.

" Cinco de Mayo, the day that marks Mexico's defeat of the French army in Puebla, Mexico. For most walking among the stands, however, the 1862 victory took a back seat to local honey and homemade tamales. Farmers focused on selling -- maybe they'd go to a celebration later, a few said, …

Oh good. Our micro-managing hasn't really worked, so let's try some new micro-managing.

And, for the tourists who've never learned to drive on dirt - and/or forest service roads, slow down. Going fast creates and increases washboarding. Some of us locals use those roads daily. Slowing down is especially crucial during monsoons season.

Hey, those of you who think ICE tactics are swell, study the history of Nazism in Germany - and consider that if government oppression keeps growing, you could be next.

Mary Sojourner commented on ICE raids occur in Flagstaff and Sedona

What ever happened to "Love Thy Neighbor"? Wake up, haters, and examine what lies under your venom - I bet it's fear.

Nooooooo... The East Side has been the last refuge for those of us who no longer go downtown to shop or on Milton, thanks to Rita Cheng bowing to ABOR's need to push the number of students at NAU past the breaking point. Maybe we need to start spelling Flagstaff: Flagnix.

Yessssssss. Developer out of Austin, Texas, huh? I'd love to see this paper do an investigative piece on where each of the behemoth-project developers are from. Happy to do the research if you have someone to write the article.

At one time, local citizens worked to protect McMillan Mesa. What happened? And where is Highgate located? Is this another case of out-of-town profiteers getting rich off destroying our community's open spaces?

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