There ya go. Liberal and democrat policies DESTROY small business. But who cares, there is always welfare, food stamps, and section 8 to live off of.

FREE would be too much for any LIBERAL college education run by idiots and morons.

Obama spent $9.8 Trillion dollars in 8 years. Guess NONE of it went for "education".

Here's an idea: stop educating Illegal Immigrants! That should save the State of Arizona $10 Billion over the next 5 years. Interesting, that no matter how much money is thrown at the Public Education System, It is NEVER enough. Public Education is a worm hole into the abyss.

What NEEDS regulating are the Social Media websites (facebook, Google, YouTube,Twitter), where the First Amendment only applies to left-wing liberals/democrats and bans or strangles conservative users.

Just what America needs. Another worthless, lazy, lying, thieving democrat in the Senate. We can "kiss" our borders goodbye.

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Thanks Daily Sun for showcasing these wonderful animals for ADOPTION!

People take drugs because it is easier than "coping" with REALITY. Addiction is a CONSCIOUS choice. The only way to solve/reduce the problem is to make it difficult to obtain drugs ( impossible) or, eliminate the reward for doing drugs ( employment drug testing, and drug testing fo…

Geeeee. Weather CHANGES. Who woulda' ever thought?