What NEEDS regulating are the Social Media websites (facebook, Google, YouTube,Twitter), where the First Amendment only applies to left-wing liberals/democrats and bans or strangles conservative users.

Just what America needs. Another worthless, lazy, lying, thieving democrat in the Senate. We can "kiss" our borders goodbye.

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Thanks Daily Sun for showcasing these wonderful animals for ADOPTION!

People take drugs because it is easier than "coping" with REALITY. Addiction is a CONSCIOUS choice. The only way to solve/reduce the problem is to make it difficult to obtain drugs ( impossible) or, eliminate the reward for doing drugs ( employment drug testing, and drug testing fo…

Geeeee. Weather CHANGES. Who woulda' ever thought?

Not sure that's a good idea to let these killers loose. But hey, what do I know.

Hey Democrats, no one will force you to accept the Republican tax cuts. You may still pay all the taxes YOU voted for voluntarily. Although, somehow I don't think you will. Like ObamaCare, seems the only people that love it, are the one's that don't have to BUY it.

Oh my goodness. Looks like Liberals/Democrats are more "perverted" than Conservative/ Republicans. Who would have thought?

Soooo, in other words, in order for a Hospital to get paid for ACCHCS patients, they must pay the "levy". Is that right? Sort of like "Income Tax", in order to work and not go to prison, we must pay the tax. Do I have that right?
That sounds a little like "extort…