Is it paranoia Goulden, or you have something to hide? As a naturalized citizen, you too, are expected to reject illegal behaviour, including illegal immigration.

Not interested, Bryant. The ship of fools has sailed, paddle on your own after it.

Say hello to Dorothy and her little dog Toto too, when you get a chance Jones.

Go to ......... fill in the blank Jarrin. Be an enemy of the state some place else.

Be offended, and stay offended Goulden. It is you and your ilk who is a threat to America. Mr.Henderson is a true patriot, and so is President Trump. MAGA with you, or without you.

#Ed for Red(as in Marx): the one thing that you are doing right is alienating potential support. You succeeded.

The school system is the least accountable, most corrupt of any institution in America, that includes Flagstaff.
Take a hike.

"The earth has a fever" - Algore
No, libs have a fever, inducing hallucinations.

komondor commented on A path to protect our environment

Pay attention. Legislation does enter the marketplace, but it is not the marketplace, though you wish it were. Also, you are veering off to a different discussion. And don't perpetuate the nonsense of fossil fuel subsidies; nor the lie that they have an advantage over "sustainable"…

Deport them all. Arrest aclu hacks like Jordahl for obstructing law enforcement.

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