How often do you need to be reminded that the bong is not your friend?

You're projecting again, son. But as long as you can convince yourself.....

Keep your delusional deviant lifestyle to yourselves.

Look for the self-euthanizing kit in the mail, Rodgers.

Why is the Sun obligated to publish morons like the writer of this article? Is it because ignorant, manipulative verbiage takes precedence over quality, as long as it reliably bashes President Trump? MAGA

It's unclear whether Bowser is on medication or off. Inquiring minds would not mind to know, but won't give a flip either way.

"...financially encourage all of us to vote..." -what do you mean, Dwyer? You want 5 bucks for your vote? - The leeches of society have been voting in that manner for decades, on behalf of their self-interest and the democrat party.

For many years I've been advocating for unity as well, and pretty much gave up on it. It cannot happen without dealing with the root causes in an efficient manner. Fostering division by the means of multi-culturalism, diversity, political correctness in a dogmatic fashion does the exact o…

It is not enough that adults are unable to adequately discipline and educate children, now they are trying to give them control over adult matters. Anything wrong with this picture? Is stupidity and irresponsibility truly limitless?

Common core.....math is racist.....outcome based education......math ethnic studies.....and on, and on. And the useless teachers OF COURSE need much more money along with the schools; after all, they are good at marching out kids for political agendas and indoctrinating them with garbage.…

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