It is very unfortunate Mr. Dearing was shot in the neck. Unfortunately he had a warrant. Unfortunately he resisted. Unfortunately he pepper sprayed a law enforcement officer. Fortunately he is alive.

Interesting. He doesn't apologize for all the money he made from his book sales. Nor should he! He wrote the book and earned his money. Good for him! Gotta love capitalism!

How soon you forget in the original trial the jury could not reach a verdict. Good for the judge to allow bail because the shooter may be the victim. I agree they need to speed this up because there may be an innocent kid on house arrest!

I can’t blame him for not wanting to come back. The program is in shambles. Coack Murphy is a great coach, however he has not proven to be a good fit. Time for both sides to part ways.

Dark sky group now making art recommendations... I will throw a recommendation at you. Take 1.2 million dollars and build ball fiends for our kids!

job commented on Daniel J. Beckwith

Rest well Sir. Thank you for your service! My prayers are with this Man’s family.

Rest well Sir. Thank you for your service. To all those who like to throw rocks. My father served in Vietnam and then was a police officer after the war. He still struggles with the things he saw as an officer, death, substance abuse, assaults, sexual assaults, etc. He said War was easier t…

Can’t blame him. He seems to be a good coach. Wish him well.

The one project that should have been given a green light was shot down. This developer was going to contribute a large amount of money to our local fire and police department and pay for other city improvements they would not have benefited from. McCarthy previously served on the P&Z an…