Such beautiful pictures. I had to take a step back and in order to realize there is nothing beautiful about it.


And the point is?

Such an important topic...

Thank you coach! I know you will do great things in Tucson.

I wish Coral well on her new endeavor. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in getting her stuff moved out of her current office to speed things up.

As a parent of school aged children, I am in favor of merit based incentives. Our schools rank close to the bottom. The red4ed movement could be very powerful if it was a bilateral agreement. If red4ed asked the taxpayers to agree to increase funding and raises, and in return, the taxpayers …

One more thing, educators fail to understand that the Chamber and others appreciate teachers. They disagree with the direction that education is going.

Once again public educators look like spoiled, self serving children. Red4Ed: I will walk out on my students and stomp my feet like a child until I get my way. Chamber Lunch, I’m not coming to your event because you didn’t support me when I stomped my feet like a child until I got my way. M…

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