Jeremiah from Gilead

Good. I'm tired of the Queen of Nepotism, Sylvia Allen (who pulled strings to change the work requirements for a Navajo County job so her husband got hired and tried to end an investigation into her son in law.)

Jeremiah from Gilead commented on Keep resisting, keep marching

Absolutely. A year ago I didn't participate because I wanted to give Trump a chance to govern and see if he could do it. This year, he's had his chance and proven to be every bit the madman I hoped he would not be. As a man, I won't need the hat, but I will support the women's march this …

And it won't either. Every malcontent who has an axe to grind in the country now has the ability to do it by killing anywhere from one to several dozens of their fellow citizens and get their name on the news.

All Congress' response was, was to increase security-- for members of Cong…

I'm usually a liberal, but I'm beginning to think that Republicans are right about the universities being overfunded.

Sounds like they need a budget cut, maybe give it to community colleges or K-12.

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