Jay Lowe

What a joke. There is no freedom when only one side is allowed to express themselves.

"Feels real"???? No dude, IT IS REAL

Well said. Just last week I was reading about a man who beat another man to death in a motel room (he and 3 others) a crime for which he was sentenced to PROBATION! Now he's in trouble for violating his probation - go figure.

Sorry, but anyone who donates to the united way is a fool! I'm all for charity, but not organizations where the local leaders make 125k + a year. Check it out.

Probation for beating a man to death. What will they think of next?

So we are now running the city of Flagstaff as James Babbitt believes it should be run. Clearly we have hit rock bottom.

Geez Dr. Jarrin, a guy like you has no business flying on an airplane anyway. You can't support the "new green deal" and then cry about your airline reservations. It doesn't work that way.

If we had a border wall, it would force these people to come here through the ports of entry. Then our public lands wouldn't be trashed by all the garbage they leave behind. If you've never been down there, you'd be amazed by all the trash. These people who leave water and others things o…

#wakeup "relentless" gun violence? You obviously haven't looked at the stats, your doctor is far more likely to kill you. Kids separated from their families? Drug smugglers and child traffickers aren't "families". Climate "change", LOL. Lack of health care…

"Voting in Arizona has been one of the most pleasurable and easy experiences of my life. " Wow! Your life must be incredibly boring... I'd remind you that every American now must…