So many people have been assisted by the Salvation Army that the lbg group has not been outside their blessing. One of their grandmothers, aunts, or some relative have gotten help for hunger, natural disasters, and anything else that involves living. This is where Chick-fil-a has lost foc…

Much more here than meets the eye. A brave man's apology to a city that has changed since he grew up here. Outside influences have flushed away the building blocks of great character for our kids. Mr. Miller truly paid his time but over the years found even that lacking. Maybe one day we …

Culture and learning both occur outside the limiting boundaries of NAU. Skits making fun of people are on late night TV all the time and the whole inclusion group laughs along. Cancer, alcohol, hunger, pregnancy, homelessness. Why would these students have to apologize? These are not offe…

Sounds insensitive to persons missing a limb or hand. Brutal crime scene images are fun? Warped.

Don't get fooled again.

No photos from big polluting countries how can that be? Why do the activists come to the United States or Europe? Today, the oil fields in Saudi Arabia belched black smoke and heat into the air. Please go Preach to those countries and activate there.

Sports participation plays such a crucial role in developing the confidence, work ethic, teamwork skills, and balance of failure and success that prepares youth to be substantial adults. This did not work well for these women on the team. Please read:…

Ever since the council and mayor pushed the minimum wage for us they have raised every tax and fee they can find. Cast your vote wisely.

Paying off a debt should loosen up the budget so you won't have ask for more money all the time. Thanks for doing your jobs! Please let us know how much the payment was so we can see how much extra monies you have each year.

Mueller report by Ms. Archuleta's democrat party wasted $40 million and she wants to spend more to continue the investigation. Think what the parks could be like if she worked to stop such waste in her own party.

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