Allow me to be the first to applaud the letter from our good neighbor to the East. It was refreshing to see a diversion from his bi-monthly perpetual aggrievement content. I’m glad he found some bliss during vacation.

Good letter and I agree with the author. A yes vote on 418 = a vote for an inclusive community.

The US Government has rules regarding campaign travel expenses and these rules are applied equally to all Presidents.

I agree with the author. Vote yes on 418 for an inclusive community.

Pretty simple concept. If your tired of working harder than the person next to you at work while they receive the same pay, vote yes on 418.

Fromthemiddle commented on FUSD goes back to school Friday

Awesome! #RedForRepublicans

This article reads much like an editorial with the writer playing goalie for FUSD. An objective reader would be benefited by a more balanced story.

Councilwoman Celia Barotz said citizens often default to a “no” vote on a tax unless they are convinced it is important. Really Councilwoman? This is simply not true. The citizens rarely have turned down and tax increase presented at the ballot and the AZDS has never gone on record as oppo…

Allow me to first thank you for being a teacher. I wish you the best moving forward. Having expressed that, I was very surprised by the level of print space the AZDS provided to you and this subject. Lots of individuals receive numerous accolades in the work place and still move on to new lo…

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