Huge Congratulations to both Jacks men and women!! Coach Smith had great words of wisdom, as usual. Many amazing runners have gone thru NAU, and with very few exceptions they would have been thrilled to be national runner-ups. Every program in the nation would love to take 2nd after a rel…

The text and phone alert from the county were very helpful to those of us needing to travel thru that area. Thanks so much for the info!

Amen! So she finally sponsors a non-GOP platform bill...as she goes out the door. Same as former Senator Flake. If only they would stand up for their constituents while still in office.

Literally anybody but Thorpe. Just search for his stories in the Az Daily Sun, and one will be quickly reminded that he votes his own misguided opinions, cares nothing about his constituents’ opinions, and constantly tries to overthrow the will of the voters and their established laws by pro…

Heck no! Worthless pos King Trump lover!

Good work, Mr Nagle! We appreciate your efforts and hard work towards improving our city and it’s trail system. Good luck to you as you work towards your NAU degree!

Did they accidentally print the April Fools article too early? I support Dark Skies, but this is rediculous. It’s just a statue for it’s namesake park. Get a life, and move on.

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