Just what Flag needs, another real estate project with enough parking to satisfy the needs of the post-automobile age. Where are they putting the transporter room?

firstamendmentartist commented on Visit rock piles and get snakebit

"I'm sorry you were offended by my comments" (paraphrased) is NOT an apology.
I'm voting for anybody other than HATCH, with no apologies given.
If there is any quicker way to give here the boot, please do.

firstamendmentartist commented on Laws make bars safe for anyone

It's not the bar that is the problem, it's just some of the people in them. Not the bottle that's the problem, it's when one chooses to drink too much from it. Not the car that's the problem, it's the person who chooses to drive after too much from the bottle. Some people drink anyw…

The "larger" roundabout on Woody Mountain rd is already too small. Trucks can't drive through without rolling over curb, and snow plows can't fit either. Also, there is a "pinch point" that narrows the roadway, so bicycles do not have enough space along with a car. This o…

firstamendmentartist commented on Police Log

Just like the DUI arrests, the animal cruelty cases should have their names printed here.

firstamendmentartist commented on Hatch out to help, not hurt, victim

Hatch said to victim: “If you wouldn’t have been there that night, none of this would have happened to you.”
This is America, land of the free, home of the brave.
We all, male and female alike have the right to go to any public place, day or night.
The victim in this case is a he…

firstamendmentartist commented on Bar behavior by women worrisome

There are beaches in Europe where everybody wears not even a stitch of clothing. Nothing on top, nothing on the bottom, not even sandals. Kids, grown ups, even the grandparents, males and females both. And they do whatever any one else does at the beach, swim, splash, body surf, so…

firstamendmentartist commented on Victim calls for judge to apologize

FlagCitizen, thanks for posting. That was disturbing to watch, poor kid.
We need to replace her.

firstamendmentartist commented on No jail time for Flagstaff cop in bar groping

Good point Juniper.
This judge does nothing physical, she just sits at the bench, listening to words, interpreting words, then strings words together to dispense the power of that bench. Words are the tools of the court. If she doesn't have a command of these tools, what other qualificat…

firstamendmentartist commented on No jail time for Flagstaff cop in bar groping

Joseph, poor decision? sorry. This is America, land of the free, home of the brave! We all, male, female, young, old, have the right to go to public places any time, day and night. If you think she should have stayed home, you might as well concede defeat to the Taliban right now, hide your …

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