Hey JDavis, you're wrong.

Justice has not been served.

I'd wager that this editorial wasn't written by a Pres. Trump supporter.

You did it to yourself Flagstaff. At least the land will always be beautiful here. Evans is a disgrace. Can't even get the sidewalks clear of snow in a mountain town. I used to live here year round but no more. I go to Santa Barbara. That place is awesome!

Hahaha Biden is a total bully. Democrats house isn't just just on fire it's going supernova.

To the city council of Flagstaff I have a message from the President of The United States: "You're fired!"

Terrible. This is more housing for the students. No "families" working in Flagstaff will be able to either buy or rent these. Once this land is developed it's gone forever. City council has probably never once walked or pedalled the urban trail that's right there. No more students! Just s…

When will people realize that automobiles are thousands of times more of a threat to life than guns?

Guess what? Your students and hipsters are slinging way more black market weed all over town, plus acid, X, shrooms etc etc etc. But they're the accepted drug dealers, wink wink.

Who needs an e-bike anyway? The main point of riding a bicycle is to have less of an impact on the environment (e-bikes still get their electricity mostly from coal powered power plants) and secondly to get exercise. Remember exercise? It seems our current culture is all about conspicuous…

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