More flagstaff "justice". Small town population with big city crime. Ask yourself, how many crimes are ever solved in flagstaff? And if they ever are ever solved in their justice? People shot and killed, people get served alcohol until they pass out on sidewalks and freeze to death…

Welcome to the high class world of Flagstaff Arizona, just revving my Harley in my motel room, what?

Democrats just can't accept that they are their own worst enemy. I was a liberal democrat for 25 years and switched parties in 16. Why? Because the democratic party had become the party of the whiner class. Spoiled rotten entitled self serving brats. And obviously I wasn't alone. Come back f…

Just another sign of how fake flagstaff has become. Catering only to the infantile student class. Want to resist something? Resist the drive-thru.

I sure hope none of Alexander's kids ride bicycles in Flagstaff. They're 5000+x more likely to be killed riding their bike, like all kids should be able to safely do. This article doesn't compare real relative risks to our children. Just more partisan idiocy. Guns need a person to kill. The …

Has it occurred to you that many of the people of which you speak are natives?

Nice advertisement/news article for uber. Shouldn't this just an op ed piece? Seriously why does your paper lack professionalism?

After hearing of this murder I bought my girlfriend a gun. If the losers have them then we have no choice but to arm and defend ourselves. The police cannot be everywhere at all times and Flagstaff is becoming more of a sanctuary ghetto everyday.

That guy is an athletics director?