Edward White


Retired English professor and author of many books and articles. Resident of Flagstaff, AZ, for 15 years.

This is the second beautifully written story by Jacob Bacon focused on the perspective of young children. The Voodoo approach to a snow day was a masterpiece. This one is really fine. Cheers to him and the editors who appreciate really fine writing. Keep it up, Jacob.

Art won't get the votes of far-right ideologues but the rest of us will welcome his experience, moderation, and good sense. It is time for Thorpe to be replaced by someone who will be respected in the legislature and help our region.

She won't and shouldn't beat Tom but she has chosen the wrong district. She would have a real chance against the far, far, outa sight dentist Gosar. Please, Eva, shift your goal.

Compliments to the writer for a well-written and incisive piece of criticism. You illuminate the old movie by going beneath its surface. So says the retired English professor: grade of A+.

It does seem curious that the Trumpists (who are NOT conservative) simply don't care how criminal their boy is, as long as it is their boy. Thus dwindles democracy.

It is becoming more and more clear that Trump is a criminal of one sort or another. I hope Mueller comes up with evidence for a continuing link to the Russian Mafia. That would explain many of the puzzling things Trump does and says.

Traffic problems diminish the quality of life for almost everyone in Flagstaff. These creative and direct proposals will improve all of our lives and I will be happy to pay a bit more in taxes to see them realized. Democracy depends on citizens putting the good of the community ahead of …

Edward White commented on Big move for local prairie dogs

Cheers for Patel. Whatever gets built on this site will get our patronage.

Lovely article, Lynne. We too are seeing the last of the gorgeous aspen in front of our house in Cheshire. Its time has come and it threatens the house itself. The life cycle always generates sadness. --Ed White

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