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Dingo Dongo commented on Victim calls for judge to apologize

Joseph, so we should surrender to the dirtbags? We should tolerate the existence of violent no-women zones?

Look, if a bar is notoriously dangerous for women, the authorities need to act. And if they won't, then we need women courageous enough to *force* them to. But if women follow *y…

Dingo Dongo commented on Victim calls for judge to apologize

ljks23: "Common sense"? It's common sense to place the responsibility for a sexual assault on the VICTIM instead of on the PERPETRATOR? No, common sense says judges are entrusted with punishing criminals for violent behavior, not scolding victims for peaceful behavior.

But si…

blahbla25: Your comments make perfect sense if you ignore everything we know about human society, gender roles, and law enforcement. Enjoy your fictional world of androids giving honest advice to each other.

Anne Roberts, do you think it's legal to grab people's genitals without their consent? I mean, I'm no lawyer, but I'm pretty sure that's a no-no.

ljks23: Do you have some actual reason for doubting the verdict, or are you just trying to dream up hypothetical excuses for sexual assault? Who knows! Maybe the victim orchestrated this whole trial as a charade to distract us from the true JFK assassin!

And notice that you have no exc…

PoorFlag: Let's start thanking them? Sure, when they do an exceptionally good job. But when they do a merely competent job, all they deserve is a paycheck. And when they grab the genitals of the people they're supposed to protect and get away with a lenient sentence because of a victim-blami…


1. The cop is guilty. Nobody disputes that. It's a matter of plain fact.
2. Cops and DAs and judges work together, and routinely cut corners and bend the rules to make each other's lives easier. Cops routinely lie on the stand to help the state's case, DAs do their…

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