I am so sorry to hear the Mayor Evans has had to deal with this. I appreciate her and all public officials with a true desire to serve their communities.

How come the map does not agree with the text? For example if you hover over the map it says that New York is number 1 yet the text of this article says it is number 7. The other rankings are different as well (Arizona is number 49 in the article and number 50 on the map).

I wish I would have known about this so I could join. How was this organized?

How much does Snowbowl pay for this water? Can it vary in the future or have we committed to selling Snowbowl water at a fixed price for 20 years (no matter how scarce it becomes)? This article only says "current terms will not change" plus there is a new annual minimum charge.

A few weeks ago I thought I smelled a stronger chlorine or chemical smell from my tap water. Did the city change the treatment regimen recently? Is that possibly related?

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