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Conservativevet commented on Flagstaff police underpaid, overworked

That's nice that there is no mention of how low the salary is at Coconino County Sheriff's Office. The starting salary for a new hire with no experience is almost $4an hour less than Flag PD.

Conservativevet commented on 'Higher standard' for police a fiction

So you really think that no one between the hours of 0130-0230 in the morning leaving downtown are never intoxicated and never getting into their vehicles and attempting to drive? So are you on of those folks? Is that why you think the officers aggresive behavior is Deplorable? Of coarse as …

Conservativevet commented on 'Higher standard' for police a fiction

Try applying for a law enforcement position in Arizona then tell us if they're not held to a higher standard.

Duster, I think you need to take a big drink of reality. Police state? If you say so. Not knowing particular facts about this case, it sounds like a" he said, she said". I'm sure someone here can correct me on that. But if that is the case, getting a conviction is nothing short of …

Conservativevet commented on Drivers should stay out of bike lanes

[quote]I Am Sam said: "PaganArcher - "Passing on the not legal." Refer to ARS 28-724 "[/quote]

ARS 28-815 D. A person shall not operate, stop, park or leave standing a vehicle in a path or lane designated as a bicycle path or lane by a state or local …

Conservativevet commented on Student loan debt just grandstanding

Go serve your country for four years and your student loans will be magically taken care of. Enough said!

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