Looks like some of the FREE housing in Moscow. The only difference is they build with cement blocks and we use wood. UGLY!

Give FUSD more money and they always find a way to spend it on NEW positions. Time to stop this madness and SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO CHARTER SCHOOLS!

Sounds like he is just trying to save his overpaid position and City retirement benefits. Many cities have privatized their trash pickup as well as other services to save money (pension and health insurance) outputs. Unfortunately, this little towns City Council is BIG government oriented, s…

Evans and her Leftie councilmen should be run out of town! They are bad for business.

Conservative commented on Kirkpatrick won't vote the party line

Since when won;t she vote the "party" line? Kirkpatrick has always followed in the NoBamas footsteps.
Wake up and face the facts Jack!

$10,000 savings?
Lets suppose:
A color copy copy calls $0.10 each (includes paper, ink, paper & equip). That equals 100,000 copies.
100,000 copies divided by 20 (?) Council mtgs equals 5,000 copies.
5,000 copies divided by 10 (including staff) Council members equals 500 p…

Conservative commented on CD1 favorites Kirkpatrick, Paton romp

RUN away Ann! Are you dense or what?
Another retreaded Obama lackey wanting back in to push her left agenda again.
PLEASE leave Arizona! You are an embarrasment to this fine state.

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