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I am so happy that Paul Gosar, along with his absurd and ridiculous rhetoric, no longer represents the good people of Flagstaff!

"and still he replied" is JDavis' "and yet she persisted" moment...

CanyonGuitarist commented on If you care, then do something

Hey, MQ, I edited your comment and fixed the inaccurate statements you made: "Climate change denials don’t exist. It’s a political scam perpetrated by those on the right. It’s all about control. For those of us who take climate change seriously, there is nothing wrong with using renewable…

CanyonGuitarist commented on Support our youth, support our planet

I am thankful that young people care about the earth and man's effect upon climate change. They will surely do a better job as stewards of our planet than their baby boomer grandparents have. As for quigley or flaghigh76, I would love to see either of them debate ANY millennial on the top…

Piney is awesome. Piney uses satire to expose the absurd natre of the comments from the real "nuts" in this forum: komodor, jdavis, mquigley, bob, etc... those guys are actually serious with their lunacy. Piney uses humor to point out how ABSURD their opinions are. Absurd, just like drump…

CanyonGuitarist commented on Responding to Thorpe's word choice

Amen to that, Gerv!!

I opened this letter to see what kooky comments and "insight" that komomdor and quigley might have left, and they did not disappoint! Their comments are almost as entertaining as this season of Presidential Apprentice has been. I'm looking forward to the upcoming impeachment episodes!

CanyonGuitarist commented on Who is harmed by trying a wall?

A slight correction to canyonram: according to this weekend's trumptweet, it is "Sea to Shiny Sea", not "shining sea", lmao!

Oh, good grief, JDavis! Why is it that conservatives lacking in debate skills ALWAYS attack what a woman looks like as their "defense"? JDavis- why won't you post your OWN pic? Line up the shots, pal, because nobody believes that you are as manly as your avatar's pic.

Only 33% of the registered electorate voted for trump in 2016. Two thirds of Americans are opposed to building a wall. Trump will not get his wall, and his supporters will need to learn how to live with his failed campaign promise (oh, wait- trump said Mexico would write a check for 5 Billio…

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