A little constructive criticism to the editors and proofreaders:
The first word in the article is misspelled. In the first sentence, the "be" should be a "by." I think “BASIS” should be in all caps, but you should check with them. In the following sentence, “In tot…

Should we heed the pope's climate change message?
We should heed the climate change message that is coming from actual climate scientists, which in this case, the pope happens to be in line with (for a nice change).
If there are people who value the pope's opinion on a scie…

There is a difference between kicking back and relaxing with a few beers after a hard week at school, and having an all-night-long, loud, raging party with excessive drunkenness that disturbs the whole neighborhood. The difference is related to *using* alcohol vs. *abusing* alcohol. The fo…

asgspifs commented on Science on tap in Flagstaff

"Science on Tap" is not intended to "be a role model for students" or anyone else for that matter. It's just a unique venue for scientists to share their science in a fun (at least fun to most people except you), informal environment, where there may be people present wh…

asgspifs commented on Fit to be towed

The "no accountability" applies equally to the towers. They are rude and insensitive because they think they can be without any recourse.

Calling it "their job" doesn't make it right.

And the towees are not "customers," they are more like victims o…

It's not the catholic church that is under attack, it is their actions.

It doesn't matter what you believe - what matters is the evidence obtained by polling a huge number of catholics - and the fact is that 98% of these catholics say have used (not are currently using) birth control. …

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