The normal responses from the 2nd amendment worshippers who don’t understand this is an epidemic and needs a culture change. America is so great!- at worshipping guns.

Nope, not ISIS. Your white, fellow American brother exercising his 2nd Amendment right. Pitiful and disgusting.

I hope the train crews recover quickly. Nothing more they could do.

Another win for noisy, trashy, Phoenixed Flagstaff.

"She only illustrates the intolerance and bias that journalism has succumbed to in our country today."
Do you take any issue with the fact that it was a coalition led by dear Mr Trump and his sociopath friends like Steve Bannon who instigated and spread the ignorance of the mas…

As sad as I feel that this actually could be something that happens one day in Flag, remember what the date is today, folks. Newcomers to town: enjoy this annual good humor.

Pot calling the kettle black.

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