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    Last seen in the Apple TV+ series “Dear Edward,” Idris Debrand is at work on the streaming site’s upcoming series “Sinking Spring,” where he plays the younger version of a character played by Brian Tyree Henry. “Ray is a complex character and we see some of the choices he’s made as a teenager and how they affect him in the present day,” said the British actor. “So [without giving] too much away, I play the reason why Ray is the way he is.” Originally from London, Debrand currently splits his time between Philadelphia and New York.

      Traveling with kids can be tough, but there is one perk to flying with those that are under 2 years of age, they fly free, sitting in their parents laps. But recently some flight attendants have begun to speak out, telling the Washington Post why they think it’s a bad idea. Veuer’s Tony Spit…

        Travel brand loyalty is nothing new. Ever since Texas International Airlines and American Airlines created the first frequent-flyer programs in the late 1970s and early 1980s, travelers have been racking up miles, seeking elite status and pouring their airfare dollars into brands that offer the most perks.Yet sticking with a single airline, hotel or rental...

          Even after the “revenge travel” craze of 2022, Americans are still eager to get out there. According to an email survey of its members from Going, a travel deals service, 68% of the 3,274 respondents say they plan to spend more on international travel in 2023 than they did in 2022. Yet there’s just one problem:...

          Today's giant airlines — as well as many smaller ones — make their business on connections. The pervasive "hub and spoke" route system means you can fly from almost anywhere in the U.S. to almost anywhere else with one stop-and-connection at a hub. My home airport, Medford, Oregon, is typical. If I want to fly to, say, New York, there won't be a nonstop within my lifetime. But I can get from Medford to New York with one stop/connection on four different airlines: Alaska via Seattle, American via Phoenix, Delta via Salt Lake City or Seattle, and United via Denver, Los Angeles, or San Francisco.

          For most, Positano is simply the most romantic and chic stop on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. South of Naples, the famous coast is blessed with beaches, sunshine, and picturesque towns spilling down steep hillsides. Many who visit Positano want only to shop and lay on the beach. But the tour guide in me simply must put a little historic and cultural meat on your visit.

          Steven Krueger stars opposite Christina Ricci and Juliette Lewis in the Showtime series “Yellowjackets.” “I play coach Ben Scott, who’s the assistant soccer coach,” the actor said. “When our plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness on the way to the national championships, I wind up being the only adult and one of only a few males who are stranded with a group of high school girls. Add to that a traumatic leg amputation in the aftermath of the crash and a deeply-held personal secret and it makes for a very dynamic character. I'm incredibly lucky to be part of such a rich and complex story. It's been the most challenging and most rewarding role of my career so far.” Though he’s technically based out of Sarasota, Florida, the actor said that over the past two and a half years, he has lived in Los Angeles, Vancouver and Santa Fe, as well as in Florida. “I have my car and a storage unit and not a whole lot else at the moment,” said Krueger. “It has been fun and liberating to realize I can get by with so few actual belongings.”

          Welcome to NerdWallet’s Smart Money podcast, where we answer your real-world money questions. This week’s episode is part of our new series called "This or That," where the NerdWallet Travel team compares different ways to travel.Check out this episode on either of these platforms:Apple PodcastsSpotifyOur takeTravel credit cards generally earn points that you can redeem...


          Emily Smith was working two jobs — at a hotel and at a retail store — when she realized she was in dire need of a break. Smith, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, says her employers didn’t usually approve of her vacation days, so she invented a fake family emergency, claiming she’d need to work...

          Few things contribute to the end-of-vacation doldrums like checking out of your hotel and getting hit with a resort fee.Resort fees tend to run from $20 to $50, and they're usually calculated per night instead of per stay. At some properties, these fees cover amenities like bikes, snorkels, yoga classes and cucumber-infused water. But other...

          From Hawaii to Iceland, there’s no shortage of beautiful beaches on this earth. What are you doing this summer?Beaches are miraculous places full of life where all elements meet. Buzz60’s Yair Ben-Dor is here with some of our best

          The Department of Transportation (DoT) labored mightily and came up with a – dashboard? After weeks of announcements of great consumer gains, the single positive result is a DoT "dashboard" that summarizes every line's policy. And a few have, in fact, adopted vague no-fee family seating policies. I've often expressed surprise that the airlines didn't solve the problem on their own. Now, with some sort of DoT rule in the offing, some have reluctantly agreed — in the hope. I'm guessing, of avoiding a government rule.

          There are actors who sing and singers who act. Florence Dore is a professor who’s also an author and musician, and she’ll kick off her tour on March 21 ( to promote her latest album “Highways & Rocketships.”

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