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Youth was served again Saturday in the Flagstaff summer running series, at least when it came to the women's 5-kilometer race.

For the third race in a row, 14-year-old Valentina Nyhart of Flagstaff won the women's 5K, this time winning by more than a half-minute at 8,000 feet in the Gaspin' in the Aspen 5K.

Her time of 22:57 was good for third place overall in the race, which was won by Jerald Nez of Winslow in a time of 22:14.

"I train with my cross country team at Northland Prep Academy, but I like to run to get my mind off of things, and I eventually want to run in college," Valentina said.

Over in the 15K, another female cracked the top 10 overall. Emily Harrison, 27, of Flagstaff scorched the course in 58:50, finishing sixth overall and beating second-place women's finisher Sara Wagner by nearly seven minutes.

"It feels good. I think I ran faster than I expected to, so I was happy with that," Harrison said. "I live up here in Flagstaff, so you think I'd be used to it, but (when) you hit a hill going hard, you definitely feel it."

First overall in the 15K was Chris Vargo, 31, of Colorado Springs, who finished in 53:21 -- the same time as last year's winner Chris Gomez, who did not run this year.

Vargo said he came to Flagstaff to see his coach, Ian Torrence, and his intentions were to win the race.

"Yeah, I didn't really know what to expect," Vargo said. "But I wanted to win it, and I had fun doing it."

Vargo finished a half-minute ahead of Paul Zwama, 26, of Flagstaff. Former Tuba City High star Billy Orman, 20, finished third in 56:34.

The races were run at the Flagstaff Nordic Center, and entries were capped. A total of 235 runners finished the 15K and 119 the 5K.

The Flagstaff summer series continues in two weeks on June 29 with the Northland Hospice Run at Wheeler Park.

Gaspin’ in the Aspen Top Finishers:

Men’s 15K

CHRIS VARGO    31    53:21

PAUL ZWAMA    26    53:52

BILLY ORMAN    20    56:35    

DIRK DE HEER    32    57:42    

TODD JOHNSON    28    58:34

WILL DREXLER    37    1:01:15    

ROB DECOT    45    1:01:48    

BRET SARNQUIST    34    1:02:14    

IAN TORRENCE    40    1:02:30    

ROB BYERS    42    1:02:40

Women’s 15K

EMILY HARRISON    27    58:51    

SARAH WAGNER    40    1:05:36

MICHELLE WESSON    38    1:05:46    

KATIE MCGEE    40    1:09:18    

RACHEL BUZZARD    28    1:10:12    

CAILIE BUCKINGHAM    30    1:12:06    

MICHELLE GREY    26    1:12:46    

DARI DUVAL    29    1:13:43    

KRISTINA SAXTON    42    1:15:09    

ANGI CHRISTIANSEN    47    1:15:59    

Men’s 5K

EUDELL YAZZIE    19    22:19    

MARK THURSTON    53    22:38    

TOM VISKOCIL    53    23:16    

CRAIG BRANDENBURG    34    23:30

MICHAEL ORT    52    23:45    

JOHN NORRIS    46    24:25    

MATT IRWIN    39    24:39

BENJAMIN KEELER    36    24:53    

CJ DOBRINSKI    16    25:12    

ROBERT MILLER    57    25:24

Women’s 5K

VALENTINA NYHART    14    22:59    

JOHANNA OHM    22    23:37    

BETHANY JULKA    24    25:00    

JESSICA HOLST    26    27:03    

LAURA MATERA    29    27:47    

MISSY FRESHOUR    42    28:05

AMY SEIVOLD    24    28:29    

MEGAN ENGBRING    32    28:30    

AMANDA MANVILLE    31    28:40    

ARLETTA NEZ    34    28:41

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