Alex Grieder and Luke Paget netted goals to lift the Flagstaff High boys soccer team past the Moon Valley Rockets (0-1) 2-0 on Tuesday.

The pair was notably the team’s power duo as many of the other players on the field looked to them to not only make big-time plays but as also the leaders during the game.

Grieder, a sophomore, set the tone for the Eagles (2-0) just 13 minutes into the match. Senior Miguel Adame set up the first score with a long kick the length of the field right to Grieder’s foot for the easy goal.

Paget, a junior, tallied the Eagles’ second goal on a penalty kick in the second half.

“I feel like we never let up,” Eagles coach Michael Jenkins said. “We were very strong defensively, hardly allowing the other team any time on possession and then capitalized on our offensive opportunities that ultimately won us the game.”

However, while the Eagles dominated throughout the game, the team has been struggling to combat early season injuries that have left many of the team’s starters sitting on the bench.

“We have one of our seniors out with an ankle injury and then another who was hit in the back of the neck during the game that we will need to keep an eye on as well,” Jenkins said.

However, it seems as though other players who would not have had more opportunities to play in the game are stepping up and playing at that higher level in order give the Eagles a better chance of winning future games.

One example of how the Eagles were able to capitalize on these opportunities was in the second half when Paget got a penalty kick chance that padded the Eagles’ lead.

“There was not one moment throughout the game that I thought we were giving up significant plays that would cost us the game,” Jenkins said. “With two more games this week on the road we need to stay together and rely on one another to come out with a victory.”

The Eagles play at the Cactus Cobras on Thursday and then travel back to the Valley on Friday to face the Shadow Mountain Matadors.