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Nothing says a moody glam interior like a big clawfoot Victorian tub. This tub in @thevictorianoctagon’s home is black to complete the dark interior look.

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Display famous words from the Declaration of Independence on galvanized tubs. Coat three tubs with white metal primer. Then paint each tub a different shade of blue. (Buy deep blue exterior paint and dilute with white exterior paint to get the two lighter hues). Use letter stickers to spell “life,” “liberty” and “happiness” on the tubs. Fill with ice to hold drinks or frozen treats, or use without ice to hold sparklers for some Fourth of July fun.

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Beloved cranberry sauce can be transported in your carry-on luggage in a 3.4-ounce bottle. That’s a pretty small serving for a crowd, so if you want to snag more of your mother’s leftover cranberry sauce, secure it carefully in a plastic tub and pack it in your checked bag.

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During the final days of winter, a hot bath can be the best pick-me-up. But if your tub stopper is leaking or you have toddlers who might scratch themselves on metal stoppers, this tub drain stopper from OXO should be on your shopping list.

The master bath combines several beautiful textures. The tile in the shower stall is a mix of stone and shell, the tub surround is concrete and the sandblasted block wall continues from inside to out. Three niches next to the bathtub echo the openings out the window.

This is the only bathroom in the house, so designer Lisa Mende wanted to make efficient use of the space to better function for the couple as well as visitors.

Steel tubs come in all shapes and sizes and make functional storage containers, laundry baskets, ice buckets — and balcony planters. The pairing of steel with natural greenery adds visual interest to any tablescape and makes a space more unique.

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A wooden tub in the master bathroom overlooks a green roof. “We had a local craftsman build the tub,” says Umbanhowar. “We had the clients sit in prototypes, so it is tailored to them.”

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A tub sits in the corner overlooking the outdoor fireplace (19), which we'll take a closer look at soon.

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