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You’ll need to address the fleas currently living and breeding on their preferred host — your dog or cat. Killing the fleas at all stages of development protects your pet and helps remove the pests from your home overall.

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No need to prune and repot every houseplant every year. Many grow very slowly, so might need this treatment only every few years.

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Chris Joseph was diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer at 59, and after chemotherapy took its toll on his body and spirit, he decided he had had enough. Joseph fired his oncologist and, with no concrete plan, set off on an alternative path to recovery. He finds opportunities to improve not just his physical health but his spiritual health and the health of his relationships.

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36-year-old Paul Kalanithi was nearly finished with his neurosurgical residency when he found himself in a hospital room as someone needing treatment, rather than someone providing it, and receiving a devastating stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis.

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