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For some kids, summer means getting on the computer and not getting off until September. And even though a lot of parents relax their screen limits over the break, allowing a full-on hibernation is just not gonna happen. And it shouldn’t. Kids need to get outside, of course. But they also need to stretch themselves in ways that they can’t during the school year — and that no app, game, or streaming TV show, no matter how educational and meaningful, can give them.

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Millions of immigrants from Europe would come through Ellis Island in New York Harbor before entering the U.S. in the early 20th Century and U.S. officials would subject them to all sorts of physical and mental exams.

Nick Blankenburg passed away peacefully on February 15, 2019. Nick grew up in Flagstaff. He biked across the country, attended college, and wa…

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Kendrick Castillo died when he lunged at a shooter, giving other students at STEM School Highlands Ranch enough time to hide, his family and a classmate said.


Two students opened fire Tuesday inside a charter school in an affluent suburb of Denver not far from Columbine High School, killing a teenager, wounding eight and spreading minutes of terror before they were taken into custody with no injuries, authorities said.