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COVID-19 vaccination operations at Fort Tuthill County Park will not be moving to Coconino Community College's Lone Tree Campus, as incorrectl…

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A. These masks are meant to help block drops, splashes, sprays and/or splatter that may contain germs or a virus from reaching the mouth and nose, if worn properly. They can reduce exposure of saliva and respiratory secretions to others.

Everyone produces different amounts of saliva, depending on how healthy you are and how much water you drink.

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Some U.S. states, including Washington and Colorado, test a driver's blood for marijuana impairment. In Canada, officers will for now rely on traditional observations in enforcing driving laws, but provinces say they could adopt saliva tests if one is approved by the federal government.

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Who doesn't need a scarf crafted around one's genetic code? A London company,, will help a gifter out, partnering with another company, Helix, to provide a testing kit and instructions on how a gift recipient can get it done in colorful yarns.

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