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If a genie were to grant your every household-management wish, you’d waste no time making demands: “Add milk to my grocery list”; “Lock the doors”; “Help my kid with algebra”! The same kind of magic can be had in smart devices — for a price (in this case, your data). But internet-enabled products aren’t going “poof” anytime soon. In fact, more than six in 10 parents say their young kids interact with voice-activated assistants. So if you’re weighing the pros and cons of products such as smart watches, smart speakers, and even smartphones that track pretty much everything you do, a peek behind the curtain will help you determine whether the benefits to your family are worth it.


Grocery shopping is one chore we all need to do, but most of us don’t enjoy doing—so why not make it easier to cross this chore off your to-do list and get your groceries delivered to your door? AmazonFresh makes it easy to grocery shop while you’re on your morning commute or on your lunch break.