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Finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t need to break the bank to show your dad you care. If you need a Father’s Day gift fast, these affordable picks will be shipped to your door by Sunday.


Throw effortless backyard parties all spring and summer long with these outdoor furniture essentials. Whether you’re tight on space or a full dinner party just sounds like too much, these furniture finds and accessories are perfect for casual get-togethers.

If possible, your grill should be at least 10 feet from your house, and not near an open window. It should be situated on a fireproof and stable surface like concrete or brick, if possible. Make sure it's somewhere you can monitor at all times when the grill is going. And make sure there isn't an overhang, to prevent fire or carbon monoxide buildup.

Look for signs of rust or cracks in the metal or grill lines. It's also possible that little critters may have found their way into the grill, and need removing. Get the least squeamish person in the family to do that.

Amanda Haas, a cookbook author who works with Traeger Grills, says: "Lots of grills are covered in grease, dust, and pollen when you lift that cover after a long winter of hibernation, so give the outside a thorough scrub down. Keeping it clean will extend the life of the grill and help prevent accidents due to sticky or greasy surfaces."

Whether you use gas or another type of grill, the inside of the lid will likely have buildup from the previous year. Not only does it look gross, it also can be a fire hazard. Use a strong brush, possibly the same kind you use to clean the grill grates, or maybe a nylon brush, depending on the grill material. Personally, I don't care about scratches inside the lid of my grill — I'm just happy when it's clean.