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Put on your sunglasses, folks. It's a shiny new year out there. Say what you will about 2020, it was a great year for books. How's 2021 looking? Here are some titles we are looking forward to in the first four months. "The Great Gatsby: A Graphic Novel Adaptation," by K. Woodman- Maynard (Candlewick, Jan. 5) Woodman-Maynard, a Minnesota graphic designer, has woven excerpts from F. Scott ...

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PARIS (AP) — Ravers at an underground, curfew-busting New Year’s Eve party that drew at least 2,500 people in western France attacked the police sent to shut them down, torching one police vehicle and injuring officers with volleys of bottles and stones, officials said Friday.

Whatever 2021 may bring — and oh, I have thoughts — it will definitely be filled with new books. Here's a roundup of 20 of the year's most eagerly awaited new titles, ranging from famous names to prestige-award winners to highly anticipated first-timers. There's surely something here for everyone. May it be a year of happy reading for us all. January "A Swim in the Pond in the Rain: In Which ...

Every time I set out to visit a country in the NATO alliance when I was Supreme Allied Commander, I’d try to read a book that could help me understand the history, culture and zeitgeist of the place. It could be a novel by a native writer, a history or a work of historical fiction. Can you really understand France without reading Camus and Sartre? To comprehend Russia, including the mindset of ...

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DOVER, England (AP) — Truckers and travelers stuck in a days-long gridlock at the English port of Dover started heading to France on Thursday after the country partially reopened its borders with Britain following international concern over a rapidly spreading new coronavirus variant.

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DOVER, England (AP) — Gridlock at an English port kept thousands of truckers and travelers stranded Wednesday despite a deal with France to lift a two-day blockade imposed because of a new variant of the coronavirus that had isolated Britain and raised fears of food shortages.

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FRANCE reported Europe’s first case of COVID-19, detected on Jan. 24 in an individual who had recently traveled from China. The country also w…

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You know how true Champagne has to be made in the Champagne region of France? It's a similar thing here. In order to be labeled tequila, production has to occur in the state of Jalisco or in some neighboring states. But most tequila production is in Jalisco.

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