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The passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has turned the political world on its head, as President Trump attempts to find her replacement before November's election. Will this nomination help Joe Biden's campaign base or provide President Trump with a much-needed boost? Susan Estrich, a law professor and the first woman to manage a presidential campaign, shares her thoughts.

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Buttigieg and Biden will be closely watched — but both have paths forward in the Democratic race.

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Take a brisk walk around your home, or better yet, go for a walk outside in the sunlight. Studies show exercise temporarily boosts alertness, in part because of the accompanying rise in body temperature and the boost of blood to the brain.

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Turmeric is trending high these days, especially in the wellness world. Nearly 4,000 years old, turmeric is native to India and has been important as a spice, in religious ceremonies, and in traditional and herbal medicine, especially for arthritis and digestive issues. There are about 70 varieties of turmeric grown around the world, mostly in India.

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