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You can't go wrong giving coffee gadgets. The Primula Milk Frother turns that ordinary cuppa joe into a gourmet treat. The Core Bamboo Coffee Filter Holder is a stylish keeper for counters. Add a cute mug to complete the set.

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Our team of experts has selected the best bath mats out of dozens of options. Don't buy a bath mat before reading these reviews.

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With cities opting to ban plastic bags, stores offering bulk products to reduce packaging waste, and eco-conscious consumers picking up their produce in reusable totes, the focus on reducing the amount of plastic waste in our lives is having a moment. But non-recyclable plastics can still be found in dozens of products we use daily around our homes. Here are 4 easy plastic-free swaps you can make in your bathroom:

Maintaining a bathroom that feels at once functional, soothing and clean can be tricky. But when it really comes down to it, focusing on the small details can make a big difference. Light a candle, switch out old towels and put everything in glass containers — and watch your bathroom start to feel like your own personal spa. Read on to find just the right accent piece to transform your bathroom.

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If you’re spending a small fortune on takeout sushi every month but just can’t seem to kick your habit, it might be time to invest in a sushi making kit. Making sushi at home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. This kit will help you make perfect rolls every time.

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If you’ve been tidying up after a Marie Kondo Netflix binge or you’re gearing up for spring cleaning, it’s probably time to tackle the junk drawer, organize your utensils, or coordinate your socks once and for all. These customer favorite drawer organizers from Amazon will help you get the job done.

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When you think of rooms to grow indoor plants, your bathroom probably isn’t high on your list. The low light and damp environment definitely doesn’t suit most houseplants, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little green to this space. Here are 4 plants that will thrive in this unlikely room.

Returning from vacation to a clean home is a sure way to keep your holiday mood going, even if it isn’t always easy to remember to clean up before you say “bon voyage.” But how nice would it be, when you’re weary from travel, to sink into a bed with clean sheets and wake up to a glistening kitchen the next morning? This summer, try out these 10 quick tips for tidying up your home before you leave, and your future self is sure to thank you.

Maintaining a clean home can be exhausting, and you’re not alone if the thought of spending your Sunday doing house chores just seems impossibly boring. But having the right tools to keep your space tidy and organized can make the experience so much more enjoyable. Arm yourself with these attractive yet practical housekeeping devices -- and you might even have some fun doing the weekly chores.

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This board only requires water to draw on it! Designs drawn on the board will fade as it dries, making it perfect for practicing brush strokes, experimenting with designs, and embracing the impermanent nature of the universe!

Party season is upon us. You’ll likely be hosting just as many gatherings as you’ll be attending, so you’ll know how nice it is to receive a little something from your guests. Return the favor with a gift for your host when the time comes. A box of chocolates or bottle of wine will do just fine, but the gifts below might be a bit more memorable. Most people fall into at least one of the following four categories, but anyone would enjoy these 10 thoughtful items.

Bamboo fabric, a relatively recent addition to the bedding scene, is praised for its eco-friendly nature and similarities to silk. Like silk, it’s breathable and insulating, so it works for summer as well as winter. The bamboo typically has been grown sustainably and pesticide-free. The fabric maintains the same antibacterial qualities as the plant and has been known to prevent bedbugs.

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