The Daily Sun article on July 12, 2019 was an excellent summary of this problem. This letter will also be sent to the Wild Horse and Burro Board that advises the Bureau of Land Management; however, the public also needs to weigh in on proposed solutions.

The article lists three solutions that are under consideration: New sterilization methods, aggressive adoption efforts and holding more horses in corrals. No. 2 has been used to its maximum potential for decades and is successful only with young animals. No. 3 is not a humane solution: keeping a free-ranging animal in a pen and feeding it hay until it dies of disease or old age is unconscionable.

That brings us to solution No. 1. Here is where a Flagstaff-based company, Senestech, can play a key role. This local company has developed a proprietary method for controlling rat and mouse populations based on reducing these rodents reproduction, rather than the traditional method of anticoagulant bait that leads to a horrible death.

Senestech’s scientists have considered doing the research necessary to expand this approach to other mammalian species that are potentially over-populated, like feral hogs, rabbits, deer and, yes, equine. They need to hear requests from the public to work toward this sterilization approach for wild horses and burros. Their phone number is 779-4143.



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