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The National Park Service is planning to implement drastic increases for entry fees to the most popular National Parks, including the Grand Canyon.

Most concerning to me are the increased fees for hikers/runners/walkers ($30), bicyclists ($30) and motorcyclists ($50). Double the current fees for a weekly pass.

It seems illogical for the NPS to complain about pollution in the Canyon and infrastructure problems while at the same time doubling fees on the groups that do the most to reduce pollution and decrease infrastructure needs.

We all use some of the infrastructure (bathrooms, water fountains, trails signs, etc...), and therefore all user groups need to contribute something. But the most expensive infrastructure programs are roads and bridges, which are primarily used by automobiles. Automobiles are also a major source of pollution in the Canyon.

Let’s encourage the NPS to do the smart thing: encourage low-impact travel options by adopting a fee structure that rewards healthier choices.

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